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About Us


Iris Jesse

Maxime le Royer

TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher, Feldenkrais


I love journeying through the world of rhythm and music providing a space for personal and musical development through these powerful tools. 

My immersion into rhythm and music started in 2009 when learning how to play traditional West African rhythms on Djembe and base drums in Austria and Mali.

I was introduced to the TaKeTiNa rhythm method in 2010. Following my heart’s calling I participated in several trainings since 2011, up to completing the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher Training in 2015 and the the Advanced TaKeTiNa Teacher Training in 2019.


Since then I have been facilitating numerous TaKeTiNa workshops in Austria and internationally sharing the experiences of this healing work everywhere and in different settings (workshops, festivals, retreats, ceremonies, individual courses …)


- Life is Rhythm and Rhythm a Lifelong Journey -

Tantric Yoga teacher, individual & couples 
coaching, musician.

I am dedicated to share and inspire consciousness, love and creativity through an accessible and coherent art of living.

After studying jazz, performing and teaching music in the Caribbean during 10 years I traveled during 5 years studying and sharing the powerful vibrations of handpan & didgeridoo (…), playing for festivals, yoga classes, indigenous ceremonies, busking, house concerts…

I am passionate about the harmony and mysticism of sound frequencies and during my travels I studied traditional plant and sound medicines in the Amazon, which greatly influenced my approach to spirituality, expression and creativity.

Back in Provence since 2017, I lead workshops and offer individual & couples support around sound, breath and movement to facilitate emotional expression, relational and creative fulfillment.

- Everything vibrates in the Universe -

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