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TaKeTiNa  & Sound Journey




Vibration, resonance and pulsation are elemental forces that influence our beings and our environment.

In our workshops we use these powerful tools to get in contact with our body, our consciousness and our energy in a playful way. 

We explore various techniques of Conscious Breathing, blend our Voices to the sounds of various instruments, discover Rhythm in a new way using the body as an instrument in the TaKeTiNa®  rhythm process and immerse in the soundscapes of handpan, didgeridoo, gong, (...) during restorative Sound Journeys.


Sound Journeys

TaKeTiNa® is a holistic experience that uses rhythm as an elemental force of life to discover and develop both personal and musical qualities. It is as much a group learning process as an individual developing process where the body is used as an instrument.

In a playful and musical way participants are gradually guided into three different rhythmic layers by stepping, clapping and chanting. Each layer in itself is simple and elementary, however the way in which they simultaneously manifest leads to a space where chaos and order, tension and relaxation, falling out and into rhythm again are interconnected; the rhythm fluctuates, is alive, and the participant in a flow state…
… sensory awareness deepens and seemingly groundless joy unfolds.

Flexibility, inner balance, vitality, presence and trust are qualities that can be developed during those rhythmic journeys, and can therefore find their way into daily life.


Watch this video for a quick presentation

(English parts from beginning to 2’23 and from 4’05 to the end)

"Consciously or not, the vibrations in our environment affect us and influence our moods and emotions..."

Our restorative Sound Journeys are an opportunity to cultivate our awareness of this constant interaction; the relationship between the vibrations that surround us and our own (feelings, thoughts and emotions).
Combining conscious listening and deep breathing we can help quiet our mental agitation, appease our nervous system, and anchor ourselves into deeper presence. In that space we can consciously feel into our environment, observe resonance, and embrace what arises with greater openness and serenity.


Voices, handpan, gong, didgeridoo, framedrum, guitar, shruti box…

The harmonic richness of these instruments gives exceptional depth to the sound. The vibrations envelop us and invite to simply feel what is alive inside from moment to moment. As we listen, feel and observe, we can witness energy in motion from the timeless essence of our beings, pure consciousness.

Some of the benefits described by participants are a general sense of well-being; deep relaxation; a calmer mind; improved quality of sleep; greater openness ...

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